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Digital radiography

Digital radiography (DR)

Digital Radiography (DR) is a form of X-ray image diagnosis that uses an X-ray flat-panel detector instead of the conventional X-ray films or imaging plate (IP).

X-ray flat-panel detectors are available in direct and indirect conversion types. The more common type is the indirect conversion type in which x-ray is first converted into visible light through a scintillator and then the visible light is converted into an electrical signal by a photodetector.

We adopted Cesium Iodine (CsI:TI) in the needle-like structure with superior resolution. Scintillators of varying sizes are available for medical and dental applications, as well as for non-destructive testing.

Our scintillators can be deposited onto three different types of substrates: aluminum, amorphous carbon, and fiber optic plates.


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Scintillator plates

Cesium iodine scintillator plate designed for X-ray flat-panel detector. Digital radiography can be performed by coupling it to a photodetector.

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