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Laser scanning microscopy

Laser scanning microscope

A Laser Scanning Microscope (LSM) is an indispensable imaging device in the biological sciences.

Since biological samples generally do not have good contrast, fluorescence observation is incorporated in the process to improve contrast.

Many laser scanning microscopes utilize the confocal optical system where a pinhole is placed at the focal point in order to condense light emitted from a sample in front of the detector. As the confocal optical system only detects fluorescence that is present at a location extremely close to the sample's focal point, the optical resolution in the sample's depth direction in particular is far superior to that of wide-field microscopes.

However, when the pinhole blocks light emitted from outside the focal point, less signal light reaches the detector. For this reason, high-sensitive detectors, such as photomultiplier tubes (PMT), hybrid photo detectors (HPD), and MPPCs (SiPM), are commonly used with the system.

Constitution of confocal lazer scanning microscope

Recommended products

PMT modules for laser scanning microscopes

High sensitivity in 300 nm to 700 nm range. Low dark current. Variable gain performance broadens the microscope’s dynamic range.


High sensitivity and good timing performance.

MPPC modules

This light detection module features high sensitivity yet minimum variance of performance by detectors. It has higher durability against strong ambient light.

LCOS-SLM (optical phase modulator) X15213 series

A phase modulator that enables laser beam control such as aberration correction and simultaneous multi-point irradiation.

MEMS mirror

The S13989-01H is an electromagnetically driven MEMS mirror produced by applying Hamamatsu's unique MEMS technology. Two-axis operation (X-axis and Y-axis) enables two-dimensional scanning (raster scanning) using reflections of laser light or the like.

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