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Security inspection

Security X-ray inspection

Ensuring security is one of the major tasks of modern society. Protection of the rights of people to life and health is the highest priority faced globally today. This can only be accomplished with the proper level of technology development.

X-ray technologies safeguard people against present day threats such as terrorism, illegal weapons and goods trafficking at airports and in aircrafts, ships and the flow of goods, state boundaries, critical infrastructure and mass venues. The effectiveness of the solutions to these problems is inextricably linked to the level of equipment and facilities with appropriate technical means to counter such threats, an important place among which is occupied by inspection equipment.

Visual and tactile inspection of passengers, luggage and cargo at check points takes a very long time, and its result depends on the inspection officer. Such inspections can also be unpleasant and tedious for passengers. X-ray inspection is the most objective, fast and reliable method.

Checking the contents of baggage, mail, cargo and vehicles is carried out by means of non-contact and non-destructive inspection systems, all without any violation of integrity of the packaging or the inspection objects. As security checks are now a common practice and situations requiring high levels of security are becoming diversified - security screening at airports, inspection of cargo transported via airplanes, trucks and ocean vessels are performed on daily basis. A non-destructive X-ray that can inspect internal objects is today an indispensable technology and Hamamatsu Photonics offers a wide variety of detectors designed for these applications.

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