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The micro-spectrometer C12666MA won the 2015 Prism Award at SPIE Photonics West


Prism Award

The micro-spectrometer C12666MA of Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. won the 2015 Prism Award for the most innovative product in the section of Detectors and Sensors, which was announced at SPIE Photonics West held in San Francisco (US) in February 2015.

This is the world smallest spectrometer (our own survey) realized by combining the MEMS and image sensor technologies cultivated by Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. for years. CMOS sensor is integrated with a penetration slit, and a reflective type concave grating is fabricated by nanoimprinting, which are formed into a fingertip-sized housing. The miniature-sized and low cost spectrometer is suited to color control, color measurement,etc with its spectral response range from 340nm to 780nm.

An sensitivity enhanced type toward the the micro-spectrometer C12666MA is also being developed, which is named C12880MA and the sample delivery is planned to start in Apr.2015.

Awards ceremony

Awards ceremony

Micro-spectrometer C12666MA and the trophy

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