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Optical Communication for more than Mobility


The optical MOST150 network is long established. HAMAMATSU PHOTONICS has delivered millions of fibre optical transceivers into the field, receiving outstanding supplier rankings with zero failures in several years. With the exception of automotive applications, the MOST network is also a very good option for all kinds of connectivity applications.


Broadband communication, also called the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) via fibre or free air, will connect any devices, vehicles and buildings in the future. Cars and infrastructure will communicate for improved safety and traffic management. Consumer, household and security devices at home, production robots and other machines will be connected to CPUs or mobile devices. Mobile healthcare, fitness devices and food analyzers are other examples.


In addition to MOST, HAMAMATSU PHOTONICS is also developing new optical transceivers for high and low data rates and for long and short distances, with fibre or wireless, for all kinds of data protocols to suit the individual needs of each application.


Photonics is “A Key Enabling Technology for Europe”, says Photonics21, an association of the European Commission and part of the EU Horizon2020 program. Photonic solutions will enable new ways of living. In the transport sector that will particularly affect (semi-)autonomous vehicles and smart cities.


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