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New High-Speed X-ray TDI linescan camera


Hamamatsu Photonics introduce their new Bi-directional, High-Speed readout X-ray TDI camera, the C12300-321.

The C12300-321 has a significantly increased readout speed and will now operate on conveyor belt systems, running up to 86.4 m/min. This is over x2 the readout speed of our previous generation of camera, this improved specification enables our Time-delayed integration (TDI) technology to be opened up to applications that require high-speed and high-resolution.

Also available for the first time, is the C12300-321’s Bi-directional scanning function. This allows for products to be scanned across the Linescan camera is either direction. This will give the advantage of reduced scanning times across large samples and increased flexibility in system design.

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