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This conference provides a interdisciplinary forum for scientists from diverse research fields including physics, chemistry, materials science, and engineering to discuss the science and applications of quantum dots. The conferences are held biannually in Europe, Asia, or North America, and are the primary international forum in this field. Previous meetings took place in Munich (Germany, 2000), Tokyo (Japan, 2002), Banff (Canada, 2004), Chamonix‐Mont Blanc (France, 2006), Gyeongju (South Korea, 2008), Nottingham (United Kingdom, 2010), and Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA, 2012). As in previous years, the conference main target is to bring together researchers from different quantum dot communities (epitaxial quantum dots, colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals, and electrostatically defined quantum dots) in order to stimulate progress in this field by combining the expertise developed in each sub‐field.

Event Information

Event Name Quantum Dot 2014
Schedule May 11, 2014-May 16, 2014
Venue Pisa, Italy
Official site Quantum Dot 2014