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TIPP 2014

The Technology and Instrumentation in Particle Physics 2014 (TIPP 2014) conference will be held in downtown Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from June 2-6. TIPP 2014 is the third in the new series of international conferences on detector and instrumentation under the auspices of IUPAP. The TIPP conference series, the science driven cross-disciplinary conference, started in Tsukuba, Japan in 2009 (TIPP 2009), while the second conference was in Chicago in 2011 (TIPP 2011). The conference will provide a stimulating atmosphere for scientists and engineers from around the world. The program focuses on all areas of detector development and instrumentation in particle physics, astro-particle physics and closely related fields, in particular:

Accelerator-based high energy

Non-accelerator particle physics and particle astrophysics

Nuclear physics

Experiments with synchrotron radiation and neutrons

Instrumentation and monitoring of particle and photon beams

Applications in photon science, biology, medicine, and engineering

Event Information

Event Name TIPP 2014
Schedule June 2, 2014-June 6, 2014
Venue Amsterdam, Netherlands
Official site TIPP 2014