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17. Bamberger Morphologietage

Hamamatsu will introduce our new desktop single slide scanner NanoZoomer SQ, in combination with our image server tool NDP.serve.

The SQ is a small scanner for single slides delivering WSI in the reknown Hamamatsu quality. Our image server NPD.serve allows to view the scanned WSI via inter- or intranet.

Event Information

Event Name 17. Bamberger Morphologietage
Schedule January 23, 2015-January 26, 2015
Venue Bamberg, Germany
Official site 17. Bamberger Morphologietage

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NDP.serve: Our core technology serving software to deliver and manage whole slide images throughout a network, in conjunction with LIS/LIMS and other database solutions. A powerful solution to manage and organize your whole slide images.