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3rd UKP Workshop: Ultrafast Laser Technology

Hamamatsu welcomes you to our booth at the 3rd UKP workshop. Here we will present our newest model of Spatial Light Modulators – the new High Resolution LCOS.
Using the Hamamatsu LCOS-SLMs with high-power lasers creates unlimited new possibilities in the emerging field of laser material processing in applications such as high-speed multipoint processing, top-hat generation and simultaneous aberration correction.
Control your light precisely and efficiently in applications ranging from laser beamshaping, laser-material processing to super resolution/light-sheet microscopy, optical tweezers, adaptive optics and many more.

Event Information

Event Name 3rd UKP Workshop: Ultrafast Laser Technology
Schedule April 22, 2015-April 23, 2015
Venue Aachen, Germany
Official site 3rd UKP Workshop: Ultrafast Laser Technology

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LCOS - Spatial Light Modulators

Our range of optical modulators offer Pure Phase Modulation, High Efficiency and are easy to use.
Discover the broad range of applications and the outstanding performance parameters which make the X10468 LCOS-SLMs a perfect choice for your experiment.