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Hamamatsu welcomes you to our booth at this year’s E-MRS meeting. We invite you to explore the possibilities of our Quantaurus-QY system for measuring absolute photoluminescence quantum yields.
It measures not only the whole fluorescence spectrum in on shot and calculates automatically the quantum yields of liquid and solid samples as well as color coordinates. Additionally it measures the dependency of the quantum yield on excitation wavelength and offers reabsorption correction functionality.
We are looking forward to seeing you and discuss your requirements.

Event Information

Event Name E-MRS
Schedule May 11, 2015-May 15, 2015
Venue Lille, France
Official site E-MRS

Additional Information

Abolute PL quantum yields measurement system Quantaurus-QY

Absolute PL Quantum yields measurement System Quantaurus-QY

Compact one-box absolute quantum yield measurement system for luminescence materials using photoluminescence method. Not only thin materials but also liquid solution and powder can be analyzed. It quickly measures the absolute PL quantum yield, excitation wavelength dependence and PL in a short time.

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Compact fluorescence lifetime spectromter Quantaurus-Tau

Compact fluorescence lifetime spectrometer Quantaurus-Tau

The W-VIEW GEMINI is an image splitting optics which provides one pair of dual wavelength images separated by a dichroic mirror onto a single camera. Simultaneous image acquisition of dual wavelength images allows you high speed ratio metric imaging and other multiple fluorescence applications.

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