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99. Jahrestagung der dt. Gesellschaft für Pathology

At the 99th DGP congress Hamamatsu invites you to explore our newest member of the NanoZoomer scanner family and software products. We will show following products at our Hamamatsu booth:

  1. Our new desktop single slide scanner NanoZoomer SQ, in combination with our new Telepathology solution NDP.serve3. The SQ is a small scanner for single slides delivering WSI in the renowned Hamamatsu quality. Our image server “NPD.serve3 Telepathology” allows to share the scanned WSI via inter- or Intranet.
  2. Our fastest fully automated high throughput scanner NanoZoomer XR with a loading capacity of 320 slides and ultra-fast scanning speed designed for routine workflow Environments.
  3. For image analysis our software NDP.Analyze. Besides standard protocols for analysis of nuclei, membrane and cytoplasm, NDP.Analyze offers additional special functionality for TMA analysis as well as virtual double staining.
  4. The software Voloom by our cooperation partner microDimensions. Voloom is powerful software for 3D reconstructions of stacks of whole slide images. Using Voloom you can view your tissue as three-dimensional model and perform analysis functions on the image stack.

Event Information

Event Name 99. Jahrestagung der dt. Gesellschaft für Pathology
Schedule May 28, 2015-May 31, 2015
Venue Frankfurt, Germany
Official site 99. Jahrestagung der dt. Gesellschaft für Pathology

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NDP.serve: Our core technology serving software to deliver and manage whole slide images throughout a network, in conjunction with LIS/LIMS and other database solutions. A powerful solution to manage and organize your whole slide images.