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2nd FDSS Application Workshop

Safety Pharmacology (Cor4U) & Human iPS cell-Derived Neuron for drug development

We would like to announce a new workshop which will be held on the 10th June 2015 at Axiogenesis, BioCampus, Cologne, Germany.

The registration fee is 150 Euros – if you are interested to register, then please send an email to:
Jean Marc D'Angelo, jmdangelo[at]

We look forward to a successful Workshop!

Your Hamamatsu Photonics FDSS Team

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Event Information

Event Name 2nd FDSS Application Workshop
Schedule June 10, 2015
Venue Cologne, Germany


09:30 Arrivals and Welcome at Axiogenesis
New from Axiogenesis & Hamamatsu Photonics
09:30 Axiogenesis and stem cells in drug development and safety testing
10:00 New applications for stem cells with the FDSS µCell equipped with the EFS Stimulation head
10:30 Coffe break
Cell informations
11:00 Characterization stem cells, assessment of viability and seeding in high density plate format
Screening Technology
11:30 Membrane potential dye for Screening the iPS derived functional cells
12:00 iPS Cardiomyocyte Ca-Assay on FDSS µCell for safety testing
12:30 Lunch, Networking
Other Technology
14:00 Patch clamp gone HTS, Claudia Haarman, Nanion
Demonstrations or Visit Bayer
15:00 Hamamatsu Photonics: FDSS µCell with EFS (Cor.4U) Visit Bayer CropScience Laboratory -
Screening and compound logistics
15:45 Coffee break
16:15 Hamamatsu Photonics: FDSS µCell with EFS (Neuron)
16:45 To be confirmed
17:30 End