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Laser - World of Photonics

Hamamatsu Photonics invites you to discover our newest technologies at our booth at this year’s LASER Show where you will gain an insight into Hamamatsu's latest developments and learn about our latest components used in various applications such as:

Environmental & Gas Analysis

Distance Measurement

Monitor / Control your Laser


Precision Measurement / Low Light Sensing


Stealth Dicing Technology

In addition you can also see live demonstrations of Time of Flight Measurement, MEMS-FPI, Smart Sensor and a MPPC demonstration using a Laser set-up.
Hamamatsu will also present the following sCMOS cameras from our ORCA-Flash range:

  1. The new version of our ORCA-Flash4.0 LT, which now incorporates a special W-View Mode combination with our new double-view optics Gemini.
  2. The ORCA-Flash4.0 V2 sCMOS camera in combination with an open light sheet microscope.

Hamamatsu will also show its newest model of Spatial Light Modulators – the new High Resolution LCOS. It is designed for efficient Laser Beamshaping applications in Superresolution/Lightsheet Microscopy and Optical Trapping.

In our spectroscopy corner you are invited to explore the following:

  1. Our system for measuring absolute Quantum yields; the Quantaurus-QY
  2. The latest range of Hamamatsu’s CCD spectrometers; from micro to compact modules

As sales representatives of Edinburgh Instruments spectrometers we will also show the new
compact fluorescence spectrophotometer FS5 from Edinburgh Instruments.

Event Information

Event Name Laser - World of Photonics
Schedule June 22, 2015-June 25, 2015
Venue Munich, Germany
Official site Laser - World of Photonics