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Digital Industrial Radiology & Computed Tomography

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Event Name Digital Industrial Radiology & Computed Tomography
Schedule June 22, 2015-June 25, 2015
Venue Ghent, Belgium
Official site Digital Industrial Radiology & Computed Tomography

Products Highlighted

Hamamatsu Photonics has a full line of X-ray sources and devices for X-ray inspection of electronic components, industrial products as well as for a wide range of applications from security to food processing.
These products represent our standard production models. However, we have extensive experience with OEM integration. Our local sales specialists and in-house design team work in partnership with the customer to offer customized solutions to match their application requirements.

What we present:

MicroFocus X-ray sources (MFX) specifically developped for NDT. These MFX sources use an X-ray tube with a small focal spot size from sub-micron up to 40 microns.
Flat panel range offers high resolution and high quality images due to their single Crystal monolithic design. They offer simple integration and are suitable for off-line and low duty rate applications.
X-ray linescan cameras (XLS) available for both single and dual energy applications, with widths that vary from 100mm to 4,000mm.

Individual Products & Services:

130 kV sealed type microfocus X-ray source L10941-01 : Compared to the currently available model (L9181-05), the L10941-01 microfocus X-ray sources offers a wider X-ray emission angle enlarged from 100 degrees to 126 degrees. Its FOD (focus to object distance) and minimal focal spot are also reduced to allow high-magnification imaging in a more oblique direction.

The X-ray TDI camera C12200 series is useful for in-line applications requiring high-speed operation with high sensitivity. The C12200 series has around three times the readout speed of the standard model x-ray TDI camera C10650. The C12200-461 can detect wide area with no dead areas.

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