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Event Name Analytica
Schedule October 19, 2020-October 22, 2020
Venue Online Event
Official site Analytica


Spectral Sensors Different spectroscopic techniques will be presented while pointing out which sensors are suited best to reach the ideal performance. In the process Hamamatsu's latest developments regarding Image Sensors for the UV, VIS and IR range are shown. Furthermore, we will introduce our latest Mini- and Microspectrometers featuring our new compact FTIR engine.
Novel Techniques for Analytical Imaging Within this talk, we show you how traditional analytical techniques can be enriched with additional spatial information. Learn more about three technologies for analytical imaging: X-ray fluorescence for investigation of elemental composition of heterogeneous samples, Raman spectroscopy for detection of vibrational fingerprints of molecules and Infrared Hyperspectral imaging for analysis of the position and composition of samples.
Advancing the gas sensing with novel infrared photonic solutions Optical gas sensors are widely used in industrial, medical, and environmental fields. They exploit the absorption of light by gas at specific wavelength, the color of light. Discover different applications of Hamamatsu Photonics detector and emitter technologies like Mid-IR LEDs, Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs), xenon flash lamps, mid-IR thermic graphene light source and various mid-IR eco-friendly InAsSb photovoltaic detector solutions.

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