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Near infrared enhanced Si APD suitable for LiDAR  

S14643/S14644/S14645 series

We are pleased to introduce our new S14643/S14644/S14645 series, NIR enhanced Si APD detectors designed for LiDAR and industrial equipment.
A previous limitation with Silicon based APD’s was the variation in breakdown voltage between individual parts. This has been resolved with our new series which reduces the variation of part to part from approximately ±50 V, down to ±20 V or less.
Other very important improvements include a reduction in noise causing dark current of less than half. Additionally the operating temperature range has been expanded.
All of these characteristics have been improved without changing the shape or size from previous products (S10341 series, S12427 series, and S12926 series), which means no product redesign.


We offer Silicon based APD’s, highly sensitive to NIR wavelengths (870 nm, 905 nm, etc.) used in LiDAR applications.
Additionally we offer Silicon based APD’s sensitive to 660 nm which are typically used for industrial applications.

Cutoff frequency

Spectral response

*1: S14643 series λ=760 nm、S14644 series λ=800 nm、S14645 series λ=900 nm

Improvements to characteristics and specifications

Significantly reduced variations in breakdown voltage

Previously the distribution of breakdown voltage (shown below in grey), had a wide spread of ±50 V.
Improvements have been made to tighten this to ±20 V (shown below in red).

Reduced dark current

Noise causing dark current has been reduced to less than half (shown below in red), which allows for low light level detection and other high accuracy measurements.

Operating temperature range expansion

The operating temperature range has been increased by 50 deg.C and now allows for outdoor applications and various types of environments.

Parameter New products Previous products
Operating temperature -30 to +100 deg.C -20 to +60 deg.C
Storage temperature -40 to +100 deg.C -40 to +80 deg.C

Improvements of peak reflow temperature and MSL

The peak reflow temperature has been increased, and MSL (after opening the moisture-proof packaging) has been improved.

Parameter New Products Previous products
Peak reflow temperature 260 deg.C 240 deg.C
MSL 2a (4 weeks) 5a (24 hours)


Part no. Photosensitive area Spectral response range Peak sensitivity wavelength (typ.) Previous products
NEW S14643‐02 Φ0.2 mm 400 to 1000 nm 760 nm S12427-02
NEW S14644‐02 Φ0.2 mm 400 to 1000 nm 800 nm S10341-02
NEW S14644‐05 Φ0.5 mm S10341-05
NEW S14645‐02 Φ0.2 mm 400 to 1100 nm 840 nm S12926-02
NEW S14645‐05 Φ0.5 mm S12926-05

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