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New Pipe Corrosion Inspection System


Energy discrimination type C13247 radiation line sensor for pipe wall thinning inspection

Hamamatsu Photonics introduce their new Pipe Corrosion Inspection System, which utilises an energy differentiation type radiation line sensor designed for an efficient, non-invasion detection of pipe corrosion in industrial plants, such as oil, gas & petroleum refineries.

In conventional visual and ultrasonic inspections, the heat insulator materials must be removed from around the pipes. This also requires the time and the cost of installing scaffolds to remove and rewrap the heat insulator materials. Other techniques that utilise conventional radiation inspection or neutron moisture measurement have the problem of being easily affected by scattered radiation which makes accurate measurement difficult.

Our Pipe Corrosion Inspection System solves all of these problems to successfully capture sharp, clear inspection images.

Our system is fully rated to IP65 and is fully deployable within the field, as it can be operated from a simple 15V DC supply. This allows our system to ensure high accuracy that has never be seen up till now and reliable inspections of pipe corrosion.

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