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High power lasers for industrial applications

Laser fusion

Laser fusion is a promising technology that artificially generates clean energy by irradiating powerful laser beams onto a fuel pellet containing deuterium to cause a nuclear fusion reaction in high-temperature and high-density plasma. The supply of deuterium is virtually limitless since it can be extracted from inexhaustible seawater. High power lasers are used not only for generating safe, clean energy but also for creating new industries such as material processing, medical treatment, and material modification and in this way contribute to achieving a sustainable society in the future.

High power lasers for industrial applications

High power lasers are applied in industrial applications such as to generate shock waves for metal hardening or metal forming which will help reduce the weight of cars and aircraft. High power lasers are also useful in creating a high-temperature and high-density plasma that emits high-intensity radiation for example neutrons or X-rays helpful in medical treatment and developing new materials.