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Optical materials

Organic photonics

Optical devices made from organic semiconductors have the terrific feature of being thin and bendable and so are being intensively researched as biometric devices that will provide totally new optical devices with applications unlike anything ever seen up to now.

・Flexible photosensors
Flexible photosensors are thin and bendable since they are fabricated based on organic semiconductors. Their spectral response range is selectable by changing the device material.

(Left) Flexible photosensor
(Right) Near infrared OLED (organic light-emitting diode)

DFG-based terahertz quantum-cascade laser

We have developed a terahertz semiconductor light source that operates at room temperature using difference frequency generation by nonlinear optical effects in a quantum cascade laser. The active layer structure we invented totally in-house achieves sub-milliwatt output power detectable by sensors operating at room temperature. A single device utilizing this light source delivers a broad band spectrum of more than one octave making it promising for imaging applications, etc.
※DFG: Difference-Frequency Generation


We are researching on-chip lasers called iPMSEL (acronym for Integrable Phase-Modulating Surface-Emitting Laser) that are suitable for integration and can form any desired beam output pattern. Among them, a surface-emitting laser Static-iPMSEL utilizes a unique structure based on the hologram principle to emit various beam patterns including multiple spots, grid patterns, characters and pictures directly from its very small 800-μm-square chip without requiring optical elements such as lenses and mirrors.