Hamamatsu Corporate Venture Capital

Supporting new light innovation

Our mission at Hamamatsu CVC is simple – Invest in and help entrepreneurs develop new photonic technologies that will improve society and create new industries.


When we invest in promising photonic companies, we take a holistic approach. In addition to providing capital, we make our global technical and business resources available to help start-ups accelerate growth and become successful.


Hamamatsu CVC team and our focus

Since our founding, we have been pursuing "light". We believe that the optical technology cultivated through many years of basic research and applied research in various fields and the development of a wide variety of products will play an important role as a key enabling technology that will open up the future in all fields. We are looking for start-up companies from all over the world who can find new points of view through CVC's activities and promote the expansion of the optical application industry together. We look forward to collaborating on the creation of innovation.


Katsuhiro (Keith) Kobayashi

General Manager
Global Strategic Challenge Center
New Business Development
The founder of the CVC division after working in M&A strategy planning

Richard Oberreiter  

Managing Executive
Hamamatsu Ventures USA
Experienced CEO and technology investor

Hubert Ortner

Hamamatsu Ventures in Europe
Experienced in marketing of optoelectronic systems and business development

Portfolio CEO interviews

Interview articles

A startup from the University of Tokyo that aims to realize rapid testing with saliva, anywhere, by anyone. Interview with Lisa Sakashita, CEO

Interview videos

Armonica Technologies, Inc.

A startup from University of New Mexico that aim to advance genomic medicine by developing a new next-generation sequencer using photonics technology.
Interview with Victor Esch, CEO

SiDx, Inc.

A startup from University of Washington that aims to simultaneously detect multiple infectious diseases at the bedside by providing blood analysis solutions.

Interview with Eric Larsen, CEO/ CO-FOUNDER

Alpenglow Biosciences, Inc.
(formerly Lightspeed Microscopy)

A startup from University of Washington that aims to contribute to drug development and clinical diagnosis with solutions using 3D digital microscopes.

Interview with Nicholas Reder, CEO/CO-FOUNDER

BlueDot Photonics, Inc.

A startup from University of Washington that aims to improve the power generation efficiency and durability of solar panels by developing special materials.

Interview with Jared Silvia, CEO/CO-FOUNDER

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