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Environmental Management System

Framework for Promoting Environmental Management

At Hamamatsu Photonics K.K., we have established a Headquarters Environmental Committee that is directed by a General Environment Management Representative (Kenji Yoshida, Managing Director) and serves as a decision-making body for matters pertaining to our EMS. The Headquarters Environmental Committee is composed of five specialized environmental working groups, each division’s environmental committee, and the Environment Committee Secretariats.

Framework for Promoting Environmental Management

ISO certification of Hamamatsu Photonics K. K.

We’ve extended our Basic Environment Policy to all of our divisions and offices, and have obtained certification for the offices and sites listed below.

Organization Site Acquisition Date
Main Office Main Office March 2012
Central Research Lab. Central Research Lab. March 2012
Electron Tube Div. Toyooka Factory and
Tenno Glass Works
(Koso Corporation*)
December 2003
Solid State Div. Main Factory
Mitsue Factory
Shingai Factory
December 2003
(December 2011)
Systems Div. Joko Factory December 2003
(December 2011)
Laser Promotion Div. Miyakoda Factory February 2012

*ISO 14001 certification includes Koso Corporation, an affiliated company.