Social and environmental values creation

Achieving a sustainable future for our world with light

We aim to use photonics technology to build a world where harmony, collaboration, and co-creation can thrive. We carefully consider the positive and negative impacts of our actions on society and the environment, guided by the management philosophy of the Hamamatsu Photonics Group.

We strive to always be a reputable and trustworthy company while upholding high ethical standards among all employees.

In order to achieve this, we have identified important issues and set goals to address them. We remain committed to challenging ourselves to reach our vision for the future.

Material issues and goals to be addressed

We have analyzed and rated the significance of risks and opportunities related to various sustainability issues, including the impact on our business activities, value chain and stakeholders. We have also considered the effect of future social and environmental changes on our business. The Board of Executive Officers and the Board of Directors discussed and decided on the following  eight themes to address these important issues and goals.

Creating social and environmental values throughout our business


1. Contributing to the enhancement of social and environmental values with light-powered innovation
2. Contributing to the realization of a stable and prosperous economy and society through sustainable, highly profitable management
3. Contributing to customers’ value by providing superior safety, quality, and service

Strengthening our business base/Meeting CSR and fulfilling expectations


4. Promote earth-friendly business practices that coexist in harmony with our planet.
5. Creating a happier employment system and workplace
6. Developing human resources to support the group's growth and contribution to society
7. Promote governance and management that ensures stability and growth in value creation
8. Establish a stable supply system and responsible supply chain for products

We will work to develop and promote measures for each of the identified themes.