Message from the President on Sustainability

Toward a better society and better environment

We work to foster a world where harmony, collaboration, and co-creation can be achieved through photonics technology, recognizing the positive and negative impacts of our existence on society and the environment.


The management philosophy that we revised in 2023 carried forward the universal aspirations and values at the core of our company while reaffirming the mission that we embarked upon towards the betterment of society, the environment, and humanity. Working from these concepts, our Group conducted discussions on our vision for ourselves, and issued the declaration that we will create value for society and the environment while growing sustainably as a preeminent photonics company.


To undertake this challenge in the field of light and engage in sustainable corporate activities together with our stakeholders, all officers and employees of our Group are required to respect human rights, to comply with the word and spirit of relevant laws, regulations, and international rules, to always consider what constitutes truly proper behavior for us as members of the international community, and to practice that behavior under high ethical standards. We will foster a corporate culture that can meet these aims, working as one to achieve a higher level.


What actions can we take in the areas of human rights, diversity, work styles, climate change, and other challenges that face all of society?

Our Group will contribute to tackling these issues by vigorously engaging in a cycle of value-added creation grounded in light, while maintaining a sustainable, stable, and highly profitable structure that takes the entire value chain into consideration.


With the principle of equal pay for equal work as our base, Hamamatsu Photonics is making company-wide endeavors to enhance our work environments, structures, and education to leverage diversity by which all can work with comfort and motivation, regardless of gender, disabilities, or individual family situation, including childcare and nursing care needs.


"Challenges for the non-financial  issues today will create the corporate value of tomorrow."


We will continue our challenge to evolve into a truly global company.

Tadashi Maruno, Representative Director and President