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Applied products of semiconductor laser

Temperature monitoring | Applied products of semiconductor lasers


What temperature monitoring reveals

Dependency of processing point temperature on laser power during laser plactic welding

The figure on the right shows that the processing point temperature is porportion to laser power and also slope changes according to the speed. For example, the laser power required at 10 mm/sec, 300 ℃ is 6 W, but, when the speed is tripled (30 mm/sec), the laser power required is 11.5 W and it is not tripled.


Dependency of welding strength on processing point temperature during laser plastic welding

The figure on the right shows that there is a correlation between welding strength and processing point temperature, and the welding strength can be predicted. Thereore the monitoring of processing point temperature allows the control of welding strength.


Detection of gap during laser plastic welding

The figure on the right shows that the gap in welding interface can be detected by temperarture increase.

Example of resin sink
Material: Polycarbonate


Features of temperature monitoring of Hamamatsu Photonics

If the processing point aligns with measuring point, the temperature remains the same because two points scan the circumference at the constant speed during the processing. However, if there is a positional deviation between processing point and measuring point, the data changes as shown below due to the temperature distribution at the processing point. So, the stability of measuring point is extremely important when the laser processing point position temperature is measured. In our products lineup, LD-HEATER employs a structure designed to align processing point with measuring point inside of the irradiation unit and SPOLD built-in process monitor uses single fiber for both of processing and measuring to ensure the stable measurement without positoinal deviation.


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