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Hardening | Direct diode lasers (DDL)


Laser hardening is a method of heating the material surface. In laser hardening using DDL, it is possible to quench a very small and narrow areas by selecting the focused beam size. This makes it possible to reduce distortion and achieve high-quality hardening.

Advantages of laser hardening using DDL

High-quality hardening

Focused beam pattern and profiles(example)

・DDL (top-hat beam shape)


・Fiber output laser (gaussian beam shape)


Thermal image during hardening



・Fiber output laser 


Process reduction

Running cost reduction

Realization of space saving

Comparing laser hardening with induction hardening

The table below compares laser hardening with induction hardening. Induction hardening is method of hardening by heating the surface of material by causing electromagnetic induction with high-frequency electromagnetic waves.

  Laser hardening Induction hardening
Distortion Small Large
Post-process Not required Required
Cooling Not required Required
Coil (jig) Not required Dedicated coil is required for each product
Hardening depth Shallow Deep
Heating area Local Overall
Heating area

・Laser hardening 

・Induction hardening

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