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DFB-Pulsed QCLs

Distributed feedback (DFB) structured QCLs that emit pulsed, single-mode mid-infrared laser beam at room temperature. By controlling the chip’s operating temperature through the Peltier element within the laser’s package, it’s possible to tune the emission wavelength without mode hopping while keeping a longitudinal single-mode operation.

Type No. Wavelength Wavenumber Target gas
L12014-2231T-C 4.48 μm 2231 cm-1 N2O, CO, CO2
L12015-1901T-C 5.26 μm 1901 cm-1 NO
L12016-1630T-C 6.13 μm 1630 cm-1 NO2
L12017-1278T-C 7.82 μm 1278 cm-1 CH2, N2O
L12020-0993T-C 10.07 μm 993 cm-1 NH3


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