DFB-CW QCLs with built-in lens

The lens-integrated package for DFB-CW QCLs provides a collimated beam in a sealed housing. TEC (peltier) and thermistor for temperature stabilization of the QCL-laser chip are inside the housing. 

Type.No Wavelength Wavenumber Target gases
L12004-2310H-E 4.33 μm 2310 cm-1 CO2, COisotope
L12004-2190H-E 4.57 μm 2190 cm-1 N2O, CO
L12005-1900H-E 5.26 μm 1900 cm-1 NO
L12006-1631H-E 6.13 μm 1631 cm-1 NO2

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