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Digital slide scanner

Scanning features | Digital slide scanner


Z-stack feature for thick samples

There are samples which have 3D structures such as clumps of cells and thick tissues. They require focus adjustment during observation. To handle these kinds of slides, the NanoZoomer series is equipped with the Z-stack feature that allows you to focus on different depths in the sample. The NDP.view2 viewer software lets you adjust the focus on a Z-stack slide much like you would adjust the focus of a microscope. You can also point to an area of interest and let NDP.view2 apply autofocus for maximum clarity.


Scanning features of digital slide scanner

Automatic focus scoring

Slide quality check is often conducted manually after scanning to avoid scanning failure caused by dirt on a slide or sample folding. The NanoZoomer series evaluate scanned whole slide imaging automatically and generate the focus score of each slide's quality for your review. Focus check points within a scanned slide are automatically determined, at each check point. Then a focus score is generated and displayed on a monitor screen.


Scanning features of digital slide scanner

Automatic system calibration

To maintain optimized condition of the scanner, routine calibrations of light intensity, white balance and shading are required. The NanoZoomer series automatically and periodically conducts a system calibration using a calibration slide located in a slide cassette, and keeps the system optimized. Whenever you scan, you will get the best whole slide imaging it can deliver.


Scanning features of digital slide scanner

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