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OEM Supply | Immunochromato Reader (Lateral flow reader)

We also supply inspection devices as OEM products including readers using immunochromatographic techniques.
Our readers feature high sensitivity fostered through long years of accumulated sensor technology. Our professionals on sensors and peripheral optics that determine actual performance of readers are working for design and manufacturing to supply OEM products that will extract the utmost in detection performance.
Customized products are available with a wide range of selectable functions. The overall device performance and design including the interface and software can be engineered to match your requirements.

We design and develop a variety of devices to match special customer needs and specifications, so feel free to ask about your requests.

Customized examples

Take a look below at our successful track record in supplying products and dealing with inquiries.
We also accept requests for adding functions and features to match customer needs and applications besides the items below. Feel free to contact us for assistance.

Item Description
Optical detection We assess what optical system is needed for the measurement target and select the optimal sensor to support various reagent types such as red based, blue based, and fluorescent reagents.
Shape We offer sizes and shapes that fit customer needs.
The shape of the reagent tray is also customizable.
Output functions A display monitor can be mounted to check data and results or a thermal printer can also be installed to record hard copies.
Other functions include USB ports for data storage or transfer to a PC.
Data management functions Installing a barcode reader allows unified management of reagent and patient information.
Interfaces To meet customer needs and requests, we use various types of interfaces such as touch panels and pushbuttons for user friendly operation.

Flow in providing OEM products to customer

Hamamatsu photonics evaluation phase

Customer evaluation phase

Inquiry and consultation

After getting a customer inquiry we hold a meeting to ascertain the exact requirements of the customer. Feel free to inquire about anything including device design such as for applications or measurement targets and even device development schedule.

Evaluate sample

After confirming the measurement specifications in the consultation, we prepare a measurement and evaluation unit to assess the sample from the customer. The customer can then proceed with assessing the device and reagent that will likely be used.

Evaluate product specifications

We make a detailed evaluation of the device specifications based on the evaluation results. We also propose a cost and schedule and proceed with the evaluation.

Develop a prototype and test it

Design and fabricate a prototype that meets the specifications in the evaluation. The period for fabricating the prototype device will vary greatly depending on the device specifications and requirements.

Make commercial product and mass produce it

When prototype specifications are complete, we decide on final specifications for mass production of finished product.
We determine the optimal specifications according to the production quantity and sales schedule.

Deliver, supply and service

We provide after-follow-up service as needed such as production adjustments and technical support for the finished product.

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