Optical pinhole inspection unit


The C11740 optical pinhole inspection unit is designed specifically to find pinholes in cans. The C11740 has a large light-receiving surface and contains an excess-light protection circuit. Its maximum detection speed of 2400 pieces per minute is ideal for can-making machinery lines. Hamamatsu also provides optical pinhole inspection units optimized for inspection of can lids, so please consult us with your own product needs.


  • Minimum detectable pinhole size : 10 μm
  • Maximum detection speed : 2400 pieces/min

Detection principle


Parameter Description / Value Unit
Input voltage (DC) 24 V
Maximum current consumption 0.5 A
Detection unit Detector Photomultiplier tube
Photosensitive area size Φ58 mm
Wavelength range 450 to 480 nm
Operating temperature range +10 to +45 °C
Storage temperature range -20 to +50 °C
Operating / storage humidity range 35 to 85 (no condensation) %RH
Applicable standard IEC 61326-1 Group1 Class A
IEC 61010-1

* Detectable pinhole size depends on can shapeard irradiation light level.
* Accessories: Flange ring, I/O cable, PH300 cable, SCL cable

Dimensional outlines (Unit mm)

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