DIUTHAME Ionization assisting substrate


Hamamatsu offers ionization-assisting substrates called DIUTHAME that support ionization in mass spectrometry in place of matrix that is currently used for MALDI (Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization) and also eliminate the cumbersome sample pretreatment process. A14111-3-3 is a multi-channel type DIUTHAME with 70 channels of Φ3 mm effective area. It can be used for mass spectrum measurement.


  • NO matrix background noise
  • High reproducibility with minimal variation no matter who does the measurement
  • NO sample pretreatment required

How DIUTHAME differs from conventional MALDI

Background noise None Matrix noise appears
Ease of handling Easy Expertise is required
Reproducibility High Not so high
Measurement of high molecules Possible depending on samples Possible

Dimensional outlines (Unit mm)

A14111-3-3(For Mass Spectrum)


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