Driver circuit for CMOS image sensor


High-precision driver circuit with variable integration time function (for CMOS linear image sensor S10121 to S10124 series, S15908-512Q, S15909-1024Q)

The C10808 series is a driver circuit specifically designed for the Hamamatsu S10121 to S10124 series (-01), S15908-512Q, S15909-1024Q current-output type CMOS linear image sensors. The C10808 series driver circuit supplies various timing signals necessary for image sensor operation and also processes analog video signal from an image sensor with low noise. All that is needed to operate the C10808 series driver circuit are two external control signals (MStart, MCLK) and a power supply (±15 V). Multichannel detector head controller C7557-01 is available (sold separately). The dedicated software allows you to control and collect data on the C10808 series from the PC. Note: Contact us if you connect with the C7557-01.

-Variable integration time function
-Excellent output linearity
-Boxcar output waveform
-High-speed readout
-Power supply: ±15 V operation

Suitable sensor S10121-128Q-01, S10121-256Q-01, S10121-512Q-01, S10122-128Q-01, S10122-256Q-01, S10122-512Q-01, S10123-1024Q-01, S10123-256Q-01, S10123-512Q-01, S10124-1024Q-01, S10124-256Q-01, S10124-512Q-01, S15908-512Q, S15909-1024Q
Image sensor sold separately

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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