MPPC module


Optical measurement modules for low-level light detection

The C11209-110 is an optical measurement module capable of detecting low level light. It consists of an MPPC, a high-speed amplifier circuit, a high-voltage circuit, and a temperature compensation circuit. Utilizing a small pixel pitch (10 μm) MPPC allows high-speed measurement over a wide dynamic range, making the C11209-110 suitable for high-speed signal measure-ment such as distance measurement. The C11209-110 operate just by connecting it to an external single power supply (+5 V).

-High sensitivity in the short wavelength range
-High-speed response
-Built-in temperature compensation circuit
-Compact and lightweight

Built-in sensor S12571-010C
Cooling Non-cooled
Effective photosensitive area/ch 1 x 1 mm
Number of pixels/ch 10000
Number of channels 1 ch
Pixel pitch 10 μm
Note Analog output
Measurement condition Ta=25 ℃

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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