Absolute PL quantum yield spectrometer


The C9920-02G;Absolute quantum yield spectrometer employs the PL (photoluminescence) method to measure absolute quantum yields quick and accurately.
Their setup comprises an excitation light source, monochromator, an integrating sphere capable of nitrogen gas flow and a CCD spectrometer for detecting the whole spectral range simultaneously. The dedicated software keeps operation easy. Two sample holders are available for thin films, powders and cuvettes holding liquid samples. This allows for the use of the C9920-02G system in various fields like industry, biological and academic research.


Type number C9920-02G
PL measurement Wavelength range 300 nm to 950 nm
Monochromatic light source:Light source 150 W Xenon light source
   :Excitation wavelength 250 nm to 950 nm
   :Bandwidth Approx. 2 nm to 5 nm (Varies with slit)
   :Degradation prevention of the sample by light Excitation light interception by the mechanical shutter
   :Excitation wavelength control Automatic control
Multichannel spectroscope:Measurement wavelength range 200 nm to 950 nm
   :Wavelength resolution < 2 nm
   :Number of photosensitive device channels 1024 ch
   :Device cooling temperature -15 ˚C
   :AD resolution 16 bit
   :Spectroscope optical arrangement Czerny-Turner type
   :Fiber type Bundled fiber (1.5 m)
   :Fiber receiving area Φ1 mm
Integrating sphere:Material Spectralon
   :Size 3.3 inch
Sample holder (Option):Thin film Using Laboratory dish without caps (5 pieces) A10095-01 (not including a substrate)
   :Powder Using Laboratory dish with caps (5 peices) A10095-03
   :Solution (room temperature) Using Alignment tool for liquid measurement A10104-01
   :Solution (low temperature) -196 ˚C (77 K), using Sample holder for low temperature A11238-01
   :Temperature control RT(Room temperature) to +300 ˚C, using Sample holder for temperature control A13924-03 with Controller for temperature control C13923-01
Sample case (Option):Powder Using Laboratory dish with caps (5 peices) A10095-03
   :Solution (room temperature) Using Side-arm cell (3 sets) A10095-02
   :Solution (low temperature) -196 ˚C (77 K), using Sample tube for low temperature measurement (5 pieces) A10095-04
Measurement items PL quantum yield
Fluorescent materials luminance efficiency measurement (quantum yield x absorption)
Excitation wavelength dependence of quantum yield (-02G, -03G)
PL spectrum (peak wavelength, FWHM)
PL excitation spectrum (-02G, -03G)
Color measurement (chromaticity, color temperature, color rendering index, etc.)
Self-absorption correction (Optics for transmission and fluorescence measurement A11238-03 is required)

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