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Input optical fibers A9762-01, A9763-01

As accessories for the mini-spectrometers, UV-visible optical fiber (UV resistant) and visible-NIR optical fiber with a core diameter of 600μm are available (sold separately). Note that the fiber is incorporated in the C11009MA and C11010MA of the mini-spectrometer RC series.

Type no. Product name Applicable mini-spectrometers Core diameter(μm) Specifications
A9762-01 UV-visible optical fiber
(UV light resistant)
600 NA=0.22, 1.5 m in length,
with SMA905D connector on each end
A9763-01 Visible-NIR optical fiber 600 NA=0.22, 1.5 m in length,
with SMA905D connector on each end

External trigger coaxial cables A10670

Dimensional outlines (unit: mm)

External trigger coaxial cables A12763

Dimensional outlines (unit: mm)

Compact UV to visible (UV-VIS) S2D2 fiber light source (UV enhanced type) L12515

The L12515 is a UV to visible fiber light source employing a compact deuterium lamp (S2D2 lamp). It outputs stable light ranging from 200 nm to 1600 nm from the light guide (sold separately).
Compact, easy-to-carry, and easy-to-use were key features considered in the design. It can be applied to various portable equipment. It can be applied to various portable equipment.


・Compact : 74 × 40 × 110 mm

・High stability : Fluctuation 0.004 % p-p typ. (2 × 10-5 A.U. or equivalent)

・Improvement in SN ratio through the enhancement of output in the UV region

UV-VIS fiber light source L10290

Using a high-brightness deuterium lamp and a tungsten-halogen lamp housed in a small case, this light source outputs 200 to 1600 nm light through a light guide (sold separately). The output light intensity is about twice that of current models. Along with a compact size and light weight that makes it easy to carry, this light source is available with useful functions such as a shutter mechanism and external control to make it even easier to use. This new light source is also usable with various types of portable devices.


・High Output : Twice Intensity (Compared to conventional model)

・High Stability : Fluctuation 0.004 %p-p(Typ.) (Equivalent to 2 x 10-5 A.U.)

・Long Life Lamp : 2000 hours

5W xenon flash lamp module

Hamamatsu offers xenon flash lamp modules containing a 5 W xenon flash lamp along with its power supply and trigger socket. Up to 5 W of energy can be input, which is the maximum among lamp modules of this size. These xenon flash lamp modules also deliver high stability and long service life, making them ideal as a light source for water quality and atmospheric analyzers.
Different types of lamp modules are provided: side-on type, head-on type, and twice higher light output type than the other lamp modules currently in use.
Also offered are the SMA fiber adapter type, silent type, and high precision type.


High stability : 1.5 % CV or less

Long life : 1×109 flashes or more

Repetitive emission frequency : 530 Hz Max.

Compact 2 W xenon flash lamp module

The L13651 series is a 2 W xenon flash lamp module that has achieved miniaturization by integrating the illumination operating circuit. This product is not only an ideal light source for compact analysis equipment used in environmental analysis, sampling tests, and the like but also can be incorporated in portable analysis equipment used in high accuracy environment monitoring, POCT, and the like with operation on a 5 V mobile battery, whose development is expected in the future.


Compact size: 37 × 42 × 42 mm

Long life: 1 × 109 flashes

Repetition rate: 1250 Hz Max.

Broad spectrum: UV to middle IR

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