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Structure / Technology | Mini-spectrometers


Wavelength dispersive spectrometers are broadly grouped into monochromator and polychromator types. Monochromators use a grating as the wavelength dispersing element for separating the incident light into a monochromatic spectrum. Polychromators utilize the principle of monochromators and are designed to allow simultaneous detection of multiple spectra. Mini-spectrometers fall under the polychromator type. In monochromators, an exit slit is usually formed on the focal plane of a focus lens, while in polychromators an array type detector (image sensor) is placed along the focal plane of the focus mirror/lens. To make minispectrometers compact, the polychromators use a collimating lens and focus mirror/lens with a shorter focal distance compared to monochromators.

Optical component layout (TG series)

The mini-spectrometer is a product that integrates Hamamatsu’s MOEMS (micro-opto-electro-mechanical-systems) technology, which combines optical technology including opto-semiconductor devices and optical systems and MEMS technology, with circuit and software.
The detector serving as the core of the mini-spectrometer is a proven Hamamatsu image sensor in analysis and measurement fields. Since Hamamatsu develops its own grating, which performs spectroscopy, grating with various specifications (high resolution, wide spectral range, high diffraction in the ultraviolet region, etc.) can be mounted on its mini-spectrometers.

MIni-spectrometers micro series

Besides a CMOS image sensor chip integrated with an optical slit by etching technology, the micro-spectrometer employs a refl ective concave blazed grating formed by nanoimprint. The glass used in the light path of the previous products is not used, making it extremely compact.

Structure diagram

CMOS linear image sensor with a slit [Incident light side (back of chip)]

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