Compact and thin, built-in high-sensitivity CMOS image sensor for Raman spectroscopy



The mini-spectrometer TF series is a polychromator provided in a compact, thin case that houses optical elements, image sensor, and driver circuit. Spectrum data can be acquired by guiding measurement light into a mini-spectrometer through an optical fiber and transferring the measured results to a PC via the USB connection. The incorporation of a high-sensitivity CMOS image sensor maintains high sensitivity equivalent to that of a CCD and achieves low power consumption. Moreover, the trigger function that can be used for short-term integration enables spectroscopic measurement of pulse emissions.
The product includes evaluation software with functions for setting measurement conditions, acquiring and saving data, draw-ing graphs, and so on. Furthermore, the DLL function specifications are disclosed, so users can create their original measurement software programs.

- Compact, thin case
- Highly accurate optical characteristics: High spectral resolution 0.4 nm
- High-sensitivity CMOS image sensor built in (high sensitivity equivalent to that of a CCD)
- With trigger function
- High throughput using quartz transmission grating
- External power supply not necessary (USB bus powered)
- Easy installation in devices
- Stores wavelength conversion factor in internal memory


Spectral response range 790 to 920 nm
Spectral resolution (FWHM) (typ.) 0.4 nm
Spectral resolution (FWHM) (max.) 0.7 nm
Cooling Non-cooled
A/D resolution 16 bits
Interface USB 2.0
Built-in sensor High-sensitivity CMOS linear image sensor
Number of total pixels 512 pixels
Measurement condition Typ. Ta=25 ℃, unless otherwise noted

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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