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PMA-12 Photonic multichannel analyzer



The PMA-12 is a compact spectral measurement system that combines a spectrometer and optical detector into one unit. Because of the high sensitivity, spectra can easily be obtained in many applications, just by bringing the optical fiber close to the sample without the connection to a special light collection system. Since the spectrometer and photo-detector are manufactured with high machine accuracy, the PMA-12 is stable and can be used with confidence for long periods of time. The wavelength axis and spectral response characteristics are already calibrated, so spectral measurements can be carried out easily and accurately.

The C10028-01 is near infrared model. (900 nm to 1650 nm)

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Type number C10028-01
Photodetector InGaAs linear image sensor
Wavelength 900 nm to 1650 nm
Number of photosensitive device channels 256 ch
Pixel size 50 μm to 250 μm
Device cooling temperature -10 ℃
Readout noise 12 500 electrons
Dark current 20 000 electrons/scan (-10 ℃: 20 ms)
Exposure time 5 ms to 64 s
AD resolution 16 bit
Spectrometer Czerny-Turner type
F value 4
Wavelength resolution <9 nm *1
Fiber receiving area φ1 mm
Fiber type Bundled fiber φ12 mm SUS tube
Fiber length 1.5 m
External trigger input TTL level/High impedance
Interface USB 2.0 *2
Power supply AC 100 V to AC 240 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz (Power supply voltage variation ±10 %)
*1 Confirmed with mercury and argon atomic beams.
*2 1.5 m cable is included as standard.


c10028-01,-02 dimensional outline

fiber input optics dimensional outline

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