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Flat panel sensor



Four selectable scan modes Photodiode area: 124.8 × 124.8 mm

The C10900D is a flat panel sensor developed for CT and panoramic imaging. It operates in 4 selectable scan modes to capture Xray images: “Fast mode” and “Partial mode” with a pixel size of 200 × 200 μm, and “Fine mode” and “Panoramic mode” with a pixel size of 100 × 100 μm. A single C10900D serves as the X-ray sensor for both CT and panoramic imaging.

-Four selectable scan modes with different number of active pixels and pixel sizes
-High-speed imaging: 280 frames/s (Panoramic mode)
-High sensitivity: 6000 LSB/mR
-Wide dynamic range
-Active area: Approx. 12 × 12 cm (1248 × 1248 pixels)
-13-bit digital output (Fast mode, Partial mode)
-For assembly into equipment (supplied without case)

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Photosensitive area 124.8 x 124.8 mm
Pixel size 200 x 200 (Fast/Partial mode), 100 x 100 (Fine/Panoramic mode) μm
Number of total pixels 624 x 624 (Fast/Partial mode), 1248 x 1248 (Fine/Panoramic mode) pixels
Scintillator type Direct deposition CsI
Video output interface LVDS
Frame rate (typ.) 35 (Fast mode), 70 (Partial mode), 17 (Fine mode), 280 (Panoramic mode) frames/s
Dynamic range (typ.) 3600 (Fast/Partial mode), 1700 (Fine/Panoramic mode)
X-ray resolution (typ.) 2.5 (Fast/Partial mode), 4.5 (Fine/Panoramic mode) line pairs/mm
Measurement condition Typ. Ta=25 ℃, unless otherwise noted

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)


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