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Optical MicroGauge



The Optical MicroGauge Thickness measurement system C11011 series is a film thickness measurement system utilizing laser interferometry. Allows for high speed measurement at 60 Hz, so it can also be used inline measurement in factories. Combine with the optional mapping system to allow for prototype thickness distribution measurement. It can be used in a wide variety of applications, from monitoring manufacturing processes to quality control.

The C11011-21 measures glass from 25 μm to 2200 μm and from 10 μm to 900 μm. (Number of measurable layers : Max. 10 layers)

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  • Measurement of non-transparent (white color) sample by infrared photometry
  • Measurement film thickness range (glass): 25 μm~2200 μm
  • High speed measurement at 60 Hz
  • Number of measurable layers: 10 layer
  • Measurement of pattern-formed wafer or wafer with protective film
  • Long working distance
  • Mapping function
  • External control available


Type number C11011-21
Measurable film thickness range (glass) 25 μm to 2200 μm*1
Measurable film thickness range (silicon) 10 μm to 900 μm*2
Measurement reproducibility (silicon) 100 nm*3
Measurement accuracy (silicon) < 500 μm: ±0.5 μm, > 500 μm: ±0.1 %*3
Light source Infrared LD (1300 nm)
Spot size Approx. φ60 μm*4
Working distance 155 mm*4
Number of measurable layers Max. 10 layers
Analysis Peak detection
Measurement time 16.7 ms/point*5
External control function RS-232C, Ethernet
Interface USB 2.0 (Main unit - Computer)
Power supply AC100 V to AC240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Power consumption Approx. 50 VA
*1: Glass refractive index equivalent.
*2: Silicon refractive index equivalent.
*3: Standard deviation when measuring Silicon
*4: Optional model with 1000 mm working distance is available. (Type number C11011-01WL)
*5: Shortest exposure time.


c11011 dimensional outline

a8653-01 dimensional outline

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