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Radiation detection module



High accuracy, High sensitivity, compact radiation detection module

The C12137 series is a radiation detection module containing a scintillator and MPPC (multi-pixel photon counter) designed to detect gamma rays from 137Cs (Cesium-137) and the like. The scintillator converts incident gamma rays into visible light, and the MPPC detects the light down to extremely low light levels to measure low-energy gamma rays with high accuracy. The signal processing circuit and A/D converter are housed in a compact case. The modules provide a USB or RS-232C interface. The products include sample software with functions for setting measurement conditions, acquiring and saving date, and drawing graphs, etc.

- Gamma ray energy discrimination
- Modular design for easy integration into devices
- Compact and lightweight

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Window material MPPC
Scintillator Csl(Tl)
Scintillator size 38 x 38 x 25 mm
Sampling time 10 to 60 s, adjustable
Bit rate 115200 bps
Power supply +5 V
Energy range 0.03 to 2 MeV
Energy resolution 8.5 %
Measurement condition Counting dfficiency: 137Cs, 0.01 μSv/h
Energy resolution: 137Cs, 662 keV

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)


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