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DP-type socket assembly



The C12842-02 is a high voltage power supply socket assembly for head-on photomultiplier tubes with 10-stage dynodes. Using Cockcroft-Walton circuit, it enables low power consumption and superior output linearity by only supplying +5 V and 0 V to +1.5 V for high voltage adjustments.

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Type High Voltage Power Supply Socket Assembly (DP type)
Applicable PMT 10-stage dynode Head-on type
Input Voltage +5±0.5 V
Max. Input Voltage +6 V
Max. Input Current 3 mA
[PMT] Linear DC Output Current Min. 100 μA
[PMT] Anode Ripple Noise Typ. 0.6 (Max.) mVp-p
[HV Power Supply] Output Voltage Range 0 to -1500 V
[HV Power Supply] Line Regulation Against ±1 V Input Charge Typ. ±0.01 %
[HV Power Supply] Output Voltage Control 0 V to +1.5 V or external 10 kΩpotentiometer
[HV Power Supply] Settling Time 10 s
[HV Power Supply] Temperature Coefficient Typ. ±0.01 %/℃
Operating Ambient Temperature 0 to +50 ℃
Storage Temperature -15 to +60 ℃
Weight Typ. 176 g

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