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X-ray sCMOS Camera



The C12849-101U is a high resolution and high sensitivity X-ray sCMOS camera. (Scintillators: Gadox 10μm) The camera is suitable for micro object by achieving 30 lp/mm high resolution image. Also the product is compact that is suitable as embedded devices for Micro CT/Nano CT system.

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  • Resolution: 30 lp/mm
  • Effective number of pixels: 2048 (H)×2048 (V)
  • Frame rate: 30 frames/s (2048 (H)×2048 (V))
  • Compact size
  • Interface: USB 3.0


  • X-ray Micro CT
  • High resolution X-ray imaging
  • X-ray diffraction
  • XAFS

Application example

c12849 series application example2

CT image of toothpick

  • X-ray source: L9181-02
  • X-ray tube voltage: 40 kV
  • X-ray tube current: 100 μA
  • FOD:34.435 mm
  • FDD:306.42 mm
  • X-ray magnification: 8.9 times

c12849 series application example2

X-ray transmission image of Kilabo meteor

  • X-ray source: L10711-03
  • X-ray tube voltage: 80 kV
  • X-ray tube current: 120 μA
  • FOD:50 mm
  • FDD:465 mm
  • X-ray magnification: 9.3 times
  • Exposure time: 10 s

*Image courtesy of Dr.Uesugi , JAXA


Type number C12849-101U
Imaging device Scientific CMOS sensor FL-400
Effective no. of pixels 2048 (H)×2048 (V)
Cell size 6.5 μm (H)×6.5 μm (V)
Effective area 13.312 mm (H)×13.312 mm (V)
Scintillator Gadox 10 μm
FOP ratio 1:1
Full well capacity 30 000 electrons (typ.)
Readout speed 30 frames/s to 25 655 frames/s
Readout noise 2.3 electrons (rms) typ., 1.6 electrons (median)*1
Exposure time 1 ms to 30 s (100 ms recommended)*2
Dynamic range 18 000:1 typ.*3
Sub-array Yes (at center position)
Binning 2×2, 4×4*4
External trigger mode Edge trigger, Level trigger, Synchronous readout trigger, Start trigger
Trigger output Programmable timing outputs, Global exposure timing output, Trigger ready output, Fixed level output
Interface USB 3.0
Maximum tube voltage 90 kV
A/D converter 16 bit
Power supply AC 100 V to 240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Power consumption 9 VA
Ambient operating temperature 0 ℃ to +40 ℃ (+35 ℃*5 recommended)
Ambient storage temperature -10 ℃ to +50 ℃
Ambient operating humidity 70 % max. (with no condensation)
*1 This value is sum of readout noise and dark current at 33 ms exposure.
*2 When exposure time is longer than 100 ms, white spots would be visible and image quality would be degraded.
*3 Calculated from the ratio of the full well capacity and the average readout noise.
*4 Digital processing in the camera
*5 When ambient operating temperature is higher than +35 ℃, white spots would be visible and image quality would be degraded.


c12849 series dimensional outline

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