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X-ray streak camera



Capture a wide range of light intensities from a single-shot event

C13410-06A can measure both strong light and weak light at the same time, it is therefore effective for the optical measurement of phenomena without repetitive reproducibility.

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Type number C13410-06A
Spectral response 10 eV to 10 keV *1
Temporal resolution < 10 ps (at the fastest range FWHM)
Sweep repetition frequency 1 kHz (at the fastest range and OPEN FIXED)
Dynamic range 1000:1 (Tempral resolution 10 ps)
2000:1 (Tempral resolution 100 ps *2)
10 000:1 (Tempral resolution 100 ps *3)
Sweep time 0.5 ns to 1 ms
Effective photocathode length 17.3 mm
*1 Except for parylene absorption band 20 nm to 100 nm
*2 With high MCP gain (≥ 32 at max. 64)
*3 With low MCP gain (< 32 at max.64)


c13410-06a dimensional outline

Spectral response

c13410-06a spectral response

c13410-06a spectral response

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