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Molecular orientation characteristic measurement system



To develop high-efficiency OLED devices, the improvement of light extraction efficiency is recognized as the important parameter, and researchers have been aware of the importance to control and to evaluate the molecular orientation of OLED devices. The C14234-11 is functional for measuring fluorescence spectrum with multichannel analyzer PMA-12 and for angle dependency of p-polarized fluorescence with a newly designed optics.

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Type number C14234-11
Angle range of measurement −90° to 90° (the vertical direction of sample is 0°)
Excitation Wavelength 365 nm
Emission wavelength 350 nm to 950 nm
Angle resolution Approx. 3.5°
Sample size □30 mm (in case use R20 mm lens)
Angle range of Excitaiton light −90° to 90° (the vertical direction of sample is 0°)
Excitation light source Fiber output LED 365 nm
Spot size of excitation light < Φ 1 mm (in case use 365 nm LED)
Maximum power of excitation light Approx. 1.5 mW (in case use 365 nm LED and Φ365 μm fiber)
Input power supply AC100 V to AC240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Power consumption Approx. 115 VA (without data analizer)
Ambient storage temperature −10 ˚C to +50 ˚C
Ambient operation temperature +10 ˚C to +30 ˚C
Ambient operation humidity less than 70 % (with no condensation)


c13472-01 dimensional outline

c10027-01 dimensional outline

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