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X-ray streak camera



The C4575-03 X-ray streak camera employs a X-ray streak tube which is capable of achieving extremely high temporal resolution and high spatial resolution. The camera can detect X-rays from 10 eV to 10 keV with 0.5 ps temporal resolution. It utilizes an image intensifier to achieve high gain (sensitivity) along with high spatial resolution.

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Type number C4575-03
Spectral response 10 eV to 10 keV
Sweep unit Internal
Temporal resolution <0.5 ps (Calculated)
Sweep repetition frequency Single to 100 Hz max.
Sweep time 35 ps to 2 ns
Effective photocathode length 8.6 mm


c4575-03 dimensional outline

Spectral response

c4575-03 spectral response

c4575-03 spectral response

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