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Photosensor amplifier



Digital output function, current-to-voltage conversion amplifier for amplifying very slight photocurrent with low noise

C9329 is a current-to-voltage conversion amplifier used to amplify very slight photocurrent from a photodiode with very low noise. Three ranges of photocurrent detection sensitivity level (H, M, L) are selectable to match the input signal. C9329 operates on the built-in dry batteries so it can be easily used anywhere. C9329 can be directly connected to a personal computer through the RS-232C interface allowing you to acquire highresolution (16-bit) digital output signals and use the data logger function.

- Three sensitivity ranges
- Selectable operation modes (analog output / digital output)
- Serial connection (RS-232C) with PC
- Data logger function, low battery function
- Operates on either dry battery or AC adapter

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