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Deuterium lamp (H2D2 light source unit)



Spectral distribution 160 nm to 400 nm, Aperture size 0.6 mm diameter, Guaranteed service life 1000 hours, External control, Replaceable lamp, Fan cooling

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  • High Brightness: 6 times (compared to conventional model)
  • High Stability: Fluctuation 0.05 %p-p (Max.) Drift +/- 0.3 %h (Max.)
  • Long Life: Warranty of 1000 hours
  • Air Cooling (needs no cooling water)
  • External Control
  • Replaceable lamp


  • Semiconductor Inspection
  • Film Thickness Measurement
  • Electrostatic Remover
  • Spectrophotometry
  • Environmental Measurement
  • Optical Component Inspection


  • Built-in Lamp (L12099)
  • Power Supply
  • Light Source to Power Supply Cable
  • AC Cable


Series H2D2 Light Source Unit
Electrode Structure -
Window Material Synthetic Silica
Spectral Distribution (Short) 160 nm
Spectral Distribution (Long) 400 nm
Aperture Diameter *a 0.6 mm
Output Stability Drift Max. +/- 0.3 %/h
Output Stability Fluctuation (p-p) Typ. 0.05 %
Guaranteed Life *d 1000 h
Required Discharge Starting Voltage Min. - V dc
Anode Current 300 +/- 30 mA dc
Tube Drop Voltage Typ. - V dc
Filament Warm-up Voltage - V dc, V ac
Filament Warm-up Current Typ. - A dc, A ac
Filament Warm-up Time 30 s
Filament Operating Voltage - V dc
Filament Operating Current Typ. - A dc

Spectral distribution (Typ.)

Dimensional outlines (Unit mm)


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