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Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL)



The lens integrated package for DFB-CW type QCL is sealed and collimated housing. Internal lens provides collimated output beam radiation. TEC (peltier) and thermistor for temperature stabilization of QCL-laser chip are inside the housing. The lens integrated package allows to use under good usability without beam alignment of invisible mid-infrared laser.

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Type number L12004-2190H-E
Type DFB-CW Type
Peak emission wavelength typ. 4.57 μm
Operating temperature(QCL) min. 10 ℃
Operating temperature(QCL) max. 50 ℃
Line width max. 0.2 cm-1
Tunable range min. ± 1.0 cm-1
Output power min. 20 mW
Lasing threshold current max. 1 A
Side-mode suppression ratio min. 25 dB
Package HHL

Output beam

Beam spread angle typ. 3 mrad
Beam waist location min. 50 mm
Beam waist location max. 1000 mm
Width of beam at waist typ. 1.5 mm

Typical beam profile


Example of typical characteristics of beam divergence of output beam


Characteristic example


Dimensional outline (unit: mm)


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